Be the healing light that people need!

Smile! Be good to people. Be the love you want to receive. We all need it and thank you in advance. When people are wounded, it is your light that is needed to heal! 

Weekly Songspiration

 Songspiration for the week -  Inspired by Jonathan McReynolds song - Comparison Kills - Stop, Stop, and I mean Stop comparing yourself to others. You are the original you! Don't look to the left or the right! God gave us YOU, so be glad about it! 

Be Free

 This is Hope Sheree administering your daily dose of Hope. Free at last, Free at last, thank God Almighty were free at last! 

You Are Enough!

 You have just become accustomed to giving the best parts of you away! Save some for you!

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Discover your why to weight loss success!

 Often I am asked how did you lose 110 pounds, but the real question is why. The why is what will keep you on task when boredom of dieting hits. Know why you have to lose weight, know why you have to get in shape, know why you have to be healthy...know WHY!